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    A T Stool is a height adjustable one-legged stool. It may be used as a tool:

    . to increase a child’s sense of balance

    . to increase body awareness and postural stability

    . to increase the ability to watch, listen, focus and attend

    . to increase motor planning

    The T Stool should facilitate a position of 90 degrees of flexion at the hips, knee and ankle. The child’s feet should be firmly placed on the floor. If the child is ‘tippy’ on the stool, have them sit on the stool with their back against a wall initially to practice side-to-side balancing. Once mastered, the child can then work on front-to back balancing.

    Our T Stool has a 240mm x 120mm seat (this can be customised to make it larger or another shape if required) and a height range of 270mm to 420mm in 50mm steps.

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