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    Suitable for: Ages 5-12 years

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    Ben, His Helmet and the Too Tight Hair (5-9 yrs) introduces Ben’s character and his magic helmet.  We get to know Ben, and the way he interprets his world. “Ben knows it used to belong to aliens, because Mum said ‘What’s that alien-looking object near the back fence?’ “

    Ben, His Helmet and the Crashing Cymbals (5-9 yrs) tells the story of Ben going to  a music lesson, being overloaded from the noise, and successfully finding a way to overcome this challenging situation. “… when the cymbals crashed, Ben got a fright! Soon it was too noisy for him and he … covered his ears with his hands.”

    Ben, His Helmet and Hats Off (5-9 yrs) is about Ben attending Assembly/Parade and the sensory minefield this can be for children with Asperger’s Syndrome. Once again his helmet comes to the rescue. “… he found he heard a lot more at this Assembly than he ever had before … it was the best Assembly ever!”

    Ben, His Helmet and Bees in Your Bonnet (9-12 yrs) is about school Sports Day and the Asperger child. The book also includes a range of puzzle pages that children love to solve. “Ben is confused! Mr. Pellum thinks he has a ‘bee in his bonnet’ but there aren’t any bees in the classroom and he wears a hat, not a bonnet! And if that’s not bad enough, Ben’s just remembered that it’s Sports Day on Friday!”

    Ben, His Helmet and the Teacher Switch (9-12 yrs) recounts the tale of how Ben copes with a Substitute Teacher and introduces the concept of Social Stories™. This book also includes a range of puzzle pages. “Ben overhears some news that sets his heart thump, thump, thumping! Then Mr. Pellum starts ‘crossing bridges’ and Ben is totally bamboozled.”

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