My Hero - by Cody Jennings aged 14

  1. A hero is someone who does something courageous. While my hero hasn’t rescued a comrade from enemy fire, or braved a burning building she performs heroic acts every day.  My mother is an extraordinary person and my hero.  
  2. My mum has done so much for me and I can never thank her enough. She has survived her battle with cancer, she deals with my autistic brother, all day, every day, she never gave up on me when I had leukemia and she is an inspiration to others with her positive attitude and stamina.
  3. Most people if they had been through my mother’s experiences would have every reason to be negative and unhappy, yet my mother is always happy and laughing.  She is an extraordinary person.
  4. When she was 25 my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She had a tumor in her throat.  She was expected to die, yet my mother told herself, ‘I ain’t going nowhere.  I am not going to die.’  She was right, she survived the cancer. 
  5. My mother is a hero because every day she faces the challenge of having an autistic son. Mum is very sleep deprived, being up 24-48hrs because of my brother’s autism. When my brother does go to sleep, my Mum stays awake for me because she wants us both to feel loved by her.
  6. If my brother has something in his brain that he needs to do, for example, playing a particular song on the keyboard, his brain won’t allow him to sleep until he teaches himself how to play the song exactly the way he wants it to be performed.
  7. Also my brother can get very frustrated and is unable to communicate what is bothering him so my mother has to find ways of trying to understand so she can try and help him.
  8. Every day, my Mum is forever working out solutions for him so he can have a fulfilling life. She said, “The key to autism is to accept it first. Many try to fix it and control it. 
  9. There is nothing to be fixed. We have to get society to not be fearful and then they will see the beauty of autism and the wonderful talents these kids have. What's normal anyway? she says, define normal. We are all different, that's what makes us unique individuals.”
  10. While most people would find dealing with autism very difficult my mother is able to see how amazing my brother is.
  11.  My mother is my hero because she never gave up on me. When I was 3yrs old I was diagnosed with a rare leukemia. Leukemia is a blood cancer.
  12. My mum recalls this one day before I had my bone marrow transplant {my brother Whyl was my match so he was able to supply bone marrow to me}. It was Mother’s Day 2006. My mum was in Yandina taking care of my brother Whyl as it was cheaper to pay carers to look after Whyl through the weekdays then on weekends.
  13. My nana was with me at the Royal Children’s hospital in Brisbane. That hospital was my home for the next eleven months. The hospital had phoned my mum this day, 4 times to tell her that she had to come to the hospital. In that time she was looking for someone to look after my brother so she could come to me.
  14. When she had finally found someone to care for my brother, the Doctor called her and said to her, "Jodie you must come, Cody is going in for an operation and he may not be coming out. There is nothing we can do for him, he has a very serious infection on his lungs and I am sorry to inform you of this, but your son Cody will die today.”
  15. My mother said she remembers getting to the hospital just before they took me in for my operation. Mum said she cuddled me and told me that she loved me several times and how proud she was of me. The bravest boy she knew. She assured me that everything was going to be ok so I wouldn't be afraid and that she will be here waiting for me when I wake up. She said she prayed, she didn't give up, she kept repeating that her boy will get through this and he will wake up.
  16. After hours had gone by the Doctors called her and said, "Cody is awake! We have no idea how but he is awake!” She said her and nana were so ecstatic. When they came up to see me, mum said I was sitting up chatting away to the nurses. It is a moment she will always remember and is grateful for everyday that I am in her life.
  17. My mother is a hero because she is an inspiration to many people. In her younger years before she had kids, my mum volunteered with helping street kids and working at camps for foster kids. She also supported kids and adults who were in prison.
  18. Many people are inspired by my mum, and the way in which she still smiles and laughs every day and that she never gives up. She says life’s experiences are lessons we grow from. Not all lessons are great however it is your attitude and the power of the mind that will get you through.
  19. She always tells us to treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.  My mum stands up for what she believes in and has a very strong faith. She believes that anything is possible, even the impossible can be possible she says.
  20. I love my mum because she is always there for me, no matter what. She is a really great listener and I can talk to her about anything and she never judges me, she just talks with me and guides me, if I am stuck.
  21. My mum and I joke around a lot but when necessary she pulls me into line. I love how my mum believes in the things she does. She believes in fairies and says, unless it is proven otherwise, how do you know fairies are not true/real?
  22. My mum says no matter how old we get we should never forget the child within. I suppose I will understand that a bit more when I get older. Basically I think she means not to take life so seriously, that there are always fun times to be had.

By Cody Jennings (age 14yrs)
Cody Jennings (aged 14) 13-Oct-2016 0 Comments
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