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Sensory Detective Workshop ®

The Sensory Detective ® full day workshop provides a detailed description of Autistic students/clients including profiles on the neurology, biology, cognitive processing, perception differences and learning styles of those with the condition, with a strong focus on decoding sensory-driven behaviours.

The workshop includes Nelle's high-impact Sensory Detective ® Workshop - an immersive experience that allows you to look at Autism from the inside out! This interactive experience will change your understanding of the challenges Autistic individuals face every day and has been proven to be a highly effective way to engage you in learning about Autism.

Most classrooms today include 3-5 students with Autism/Asperger's. The Sensory Detective ® workshop gives Teachers, Professionals and Families a vivid insight into the subtle intricacies of Autism/Asperger's; and more importantly provides participants a myriad of strategies to engage successfully with individuals on the Spectrum, and analyse their behaviour through a "sensory-lense".

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