• Sustainable Social Skills

    This innovative, behaviour management programme engages children in three-dimensional learning to develop skills and embed them for life. These skills help them to self-regulate and self-manage behaviour.

    “Children with poor social skills often have difficulty working in groups. They experience a range of challenges, such as sensory overload, high anxiety, poor communication skills, taking turns, and not understanding the dynamics of group work.”

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  • Sensory Detective Workshop

    The Sensory Detective ® full day workshop provides a detailed description of students/clients with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome, including profiles on the neurology, biology, cognitive processing, perception differences and learning styles of those with the condition. Participants will learn specific techniques for dealing with challenging behaviours and how to decrease stress in students/clients with Autism/Asperger's. Nelle will instruct you how to teach students skills required for emotional regulation and more.

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  • Ben and His Helmet books

    The Ben and His Helmet series of books will help your child learn how to cope with their Asperger's/Autism characteristics and reduce meltdown occurrence at the same time. The Ben and His Helmet social stories are interwoven with problem-solving strategies and solutions. Your child will make a connection and this is the first step towards self managing their behaviour.

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  • About Nelle and AspergerChild

    Nelle believes that all behaviour is a form of communication and once this is recognised parents, carers and teachers are better able to accommodate the Asperger child's needs. We hope to empower you to take control of your personal journey with Asperger's Syndrome and create a positive path forward, as you support and accommodate your Asperger child.

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  • Apsperger Child Blog

    Please find for your convenience a range of articles written by Nelle that we hope will assist you to better understand your Asperger Child, and the behaviour characteristics he/she displays.

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Nelle Frances
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Sensory Detective Program®

Sensory Detective Program® (HCWA approved) is a 9 session program teaching children about their reaction to their senses. 



Nelle's workshops deliver understanding of the needs of students/clients with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome and provides you with the knowledge to implement effective strategies to enable students to develop capabilities within the Australian Curriculum.

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I will be sharing all of the information that I have gained from the Sensory Detective workshop with the educators to ensure that we can provide the best care for all children in an inclusive environment.

Cairns Qld

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