Sensory Detective Program®


Nelle's Sensory Detective Program® is a 9 session program teaching children aged 4-15 to monitor their reaction to sensory input, and help them to self-regulate their behaviours.

Nelle understands that sensory sensitivities significantly contribute to the behaviours displayed by children with Autism Spectrum conditions. Many behaviours, including meltdown, are simply instinctive reactions by them to sensory overload. We often misread these reactions as the child being "naughty".

Non-autistic individuals have the ability to filter continuous sensory stimuli and block it out. Those with Autism lack this filtering ability.

By learning which of your child's senses is the most acute and identifying what sights, sounds, smells, touch, tastes and movements calm or agitate them, you can help your child learn their physical responses to sensory input, and to recognise their reaction to sensory input. This leads to self monitoring and self regulation of their behaviour.

Sensory Detective Program® also provides your child with sensory supports and strategies, and a variety of self-calming and relaxation tools.

The Sensory Detective Program® program teaches children:

  • awareness of the 9 Sensory systems
  • how/why senses become overloaded
  • to recognise sensory overload
  • relaxation strategies/techniques 
  • language skills to communicate their sensory distress

Best practice therapies for children with Autism Spectrum conditions incorporate practising emerging skills across all environments - therapist's office, home and school. This ensures your child consolidates these new skills so they become well established in their daily life.

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10-3-15:- "God I love that we have this amazing woman supporting our family! We love you Nelle. For those of you who live with ASD in one way or another, make the connection with Nelle Frances. She's a mum too and a wealth of knowledge and acceptance. She gets it!!"  KS, Petrie, Qld

23-2-15:- "I don't think a day goes by where you aren't mentioned Nelle! You certainly had an effect on E (aged 4.5) in a positive way. She used to cuddle me sometimes, but now she comes in every morning, gives me a cuddle and says 'good morning Mum'. It's lovely to see her so much more aware!" JH, Buderim, Qld.

12-8-14 "The program was great! After completing the program H (aged 6) wasn't having as many meltdowns! We found the iPad apps very calming." TD, Mountain Creek, Qld.

14-6-14 "After completing the training R (aged 15) is able to express how he's feeling much more easily, and he's talking a lot more about his sensory issues. He learnt really good techniques to help him deal with challenging situations at home and at school. It was an excellent and well-organised program." NH, Morayfield, Qld

20-3-14 "The most useful technique our family learned from the training was the idea of looking beyond the behaviour to the sensory issues that may be influencing it. After completing the training S (aged 11) is cleaning his teeth much better, and is able to voice which toothpaste is acceptable. We’ve also been able to use a range of sensory tools to enable us to go to a shopping centre for a couple of hours without meltdown!" MS, Nambour Qld.

3-8-15 "Nelle warned me that the program would be challenging for my daughter. That perhaps her behaviours would escalate while being 'poked and prodded'. This definitely happened but towards the end of the training I saw my daughter start to understand that her life was (for lack of a better phrase  harder than her peers, for reasons she was not responsible. I saw a weight lift from her little shoulders as it dawned on her and she even said to an adult friend "no thanks, I don't want a hug, I have autism and it doesn't feel good for me". She now understands that IS the reason. Nelle offered our family the opportunity to shrug off the (perceived) judgements and get on with loving her."  LG, Glasshouse Mountains Qld.

7-9-15 "Nelle has changed our lives.... she has given a very sensory affected little boy hope and understanding like we never thought possible. We now can understand and communicate to our little miracle like never before. We are forever grateful for what you have done for our family!" KC, Glasshouse Mountains, Qld.  

Disclaimer: The information, articles and opinions contained in workshops, programs and presentations are those of Nelle Frances, provided for information, general education and support purposes only. The information is not intended to, nor does it, constitute medical or treatment advice. Nelle Frances disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from the information provided in her Interactive Sensory Sensitivity Workshop and Keynote Presentations.

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